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Starcraft is a Real Time Strategy game with 3 different yet balanced races
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Starcraft is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game with 3 very different races but well balanced. The story is very good with a lot of cinematics, and the voice acting is amazing. Besides the campaign, you can also play custom maps which you can create with the editor you are provided with.

The difference in the 3 races lies in playing styles depending on the race you choose. You've got the Terrans who are a very mechanized version of humans, and who rely on mobility and fortified positions. They can build anywhere and their buildings lift off to find a better position or sometimes to flee the battle. The buildings can also be repaired by one or more of their main worker units (The SCV). The more SCVs repairing the building the faster it will be repaired. To sustain a bigger army you need to build Supply depots which are among the few Terran buildings that cannot lift off. Also if any Terran building catches fire, it has to be repaired, otherwise it will burn to the point where it will be destroyed.

The Zerg are an alien race who favor very high numbers to simply overwhelm its opponent. They can only build on sort of a living surface called "creep" that is produced by certain structures. The drone, which is the worker unit for the Zerg, transforms into the building when creating it. These buildings cannot move, and will slowly heal if damaged, because they cannot be repaired otherwise. For supply , the Zerg have the Overlords, which are flying creatures that can also detect invisible units.

And the Protoss who are the most advanced of the three, but also have the most expensive units and thus you really need good positioning in order to win. Their buildings have to be built on range of a Pylon which gives power to the building. The Probe, which is the Protoss worker unit, can summon a building and then return to work, without wasting any more time in the building process. Their buildings cannot be repaired, nor can they heal. They have a shield which can regenerate, however the structure itself cannot. As supply they have the Pylons which are also necessary for buildings.

The campaign is great, with about 10 missions for each race, it tells a story about the first Terran contact with the Zerg and the Protoss and what unraveled after it. The cinematics are simply outstanding and you also get a lot of scripted parts while playing the missions. The sound effects are very good with each unit having a lot of unique replicas, and the voice actors for the main characters really give shape to their personality. The graphics are very good for the time when it was first launched and the game runs very smooth.

The game comes with its own editor which is filled with everything you need to create your own custom maps, which can be very simple just for skirmishes, or very complicated and heavily scripted ones.

The multiplayer I found was very balanced and extremely fun. Up to 8 players can compete against each other through, which is an internet service created by Blizzard for all its games. Besides that, you can also play in with a Direct connection or a Local Area Network.

Starcraft will forever be in my mind one of the best RTS games ever created.

Dennis Niels
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